Software Engineer

— Work Experiences

Software Engineer at Coshx Labs

Since Nov 2014 – San Francisco, USA

Coshx Labs is a dev shop offering development and consulting services. I am mostly building mobile applications, both iOS and Android, but I engineer websites and APIs every so often.
I was an Android consultant several times. I designed some iOS and Android libraries such as Caravel and Drekkar.
In the meantime, I am participating to project management and regularly posting on the Coshx blog.

Intern at Sopra

Feb - Aug 2014 – Bordeaux, France

Innovative internship which targeted to engineer a dashboard for military ships. I designed the whole solution, which includes some internal frameworks and libraries, especially for supporting touch interactions.

Intern at Hex Digital

Jun - Sept 2013 – London, UK

Front-end and back-end website development. I contributed to project management too.

– Les À-Côtés

Volunteer teacher at Rails School

Since Mar 2015 — San Francisco, USA

I am teaching classes at the Rails School about several topics such as classic algorithms, new technologies, web and mobile development. I am also a regular student.

Hacker at Launch! Festival

Mar 2015

With my 4-person team, we built a website and an Android application within 48 hours. We were short-listed in the top 15 of the competition, among 130+ teams.

– Skills

I am married to

  • Android/JAVA

  • Coffeescript

  • DBMS


  • JavaScript

  • Swift/iOS

I am pretty skilled for

  • Go

  • Kotlin

  • Ruby/RoR

I used to be good at

  • C

  • C#/.NET

  • CodeIgniter

  • PHP

  • Python

  • TypeScript


  • Project Management

  • Software engineering

  • UX Design

— Proficiency

  • French - Native

  • English - Fluent

  • Spanish - Fairly command

— Education

  • ENSEIRB MATMECA Graduated in 2014

    Bordeaux Graduate School of Engineering in Computer Sciences
    Master degree in Software Engineering

— Stuff I like

Swimming / Scuba-diving / Hiking / Reading / Movies / Skiing